Show off your style by investing in your gold jewellery collection with Jewellery Bee. A beautifully crafted 9ct GOLD bracelet is the perfect accessory to compliment your style. All our bracelets are FULLY UK HALLMARKED, guaranteeing that only the finest quality gold products are sold on JEWELLERY BEE. Your GOLD BRACELET will last you a lifetime, and perhaps even a little longer! Investing in jewellery is never a bad idea, and JEWELLERY BEE only sells certified GOLD jewellery. Whether you prefer a CHUNKY GOLD CURB BRACELET, or a GOLD DECORATIVE BANGLE, JEWELLERY BEE offers you a fantastic range of GOLD JEWELLERY.

9ct Rose gold bracelet with heart padlock

 £648.00 inc. VAT

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Our Guarantees

Each ring in our Jewellery Bee collection is hand polished to perfection ensuring that the items is free from any scratches and arrives to you in an almost brand-new condition. Our work shop in Hatton Garden is known for its attention to detail and here you will find each ring, earrings, chain or pendent is re-furbished to the highest of standards. Each item in our Jewellery Bee collection is guaranteed to be shiny, sparkly and the loveliest of qualities.

We want you to feel confident about buying second-hand gold jewellery at Jewellery Bee so we provide the following guarantees:


This hallmark provides you a worldwide accepted guarantee of the carat of your item.


Everything is photographed in HD for you so you can get the clearest view of our stock.


If you are not totally happy with an item, return it within 28 days for a refund or exchange.


Gram for gram you won't find a better priced product than here at Jewellery Bee.