Buying Second-Hand Jewellery

What is pre-owned jewellery?

Pre-owned jewellery is pre-loved and one of a kind pieces that our hand selected by our jewellery experts. These pieces can be fun, unusual, modern or vintage and are often at a fraction of the price of a brand new item. The reason why pre-owned jewellery is so popular is because unlike a car, computer, or mobile phone, it is very difficult to tell the age of jewellery. Once pre-owned items are professionally restored which includes a professional polish, buffing to ensure the item is scratch free and professionally cleaned to ensure that their stone sparkle, in most cases the items look brand new again. This is mostly down to the precious metal properties of gold which can be buffed to become very shiny and totally scratch free. Please take the time to browse through our selection of second hand jewellery knowing that whichever item you fancy, you have made a fantastic choice by buying pre-owned jewellery.

What is the difference between Pre-Loved and Pre-owned and Second hand jewellery?

Absolutely nothing! Pre-loved is a nicer way of saying pre-owned, and pre-owned is a nicer way of saying second hand. You will notice a whole host of jewellery sites and jewellers will use different descriptions to describe pre-owned jewellery. In essence, they all mean the same! At Jewellery Bee we do like the word pre-loved as it implies that the item of jewellery was once cherished. However, so as to be as transparent and clear as possible to our customer we have opted to choose the word pre-owned. We're very proud to be selling an entire collection of pre-owned jewellery; hence we will use this description on every piece!

Why buy Pre-owned jewellery?

Pre-owned jewellery once fully restored to a beautiful condition, is shiny, sparkly and totally free from any signs of previous wear and tear. So, what makes it different to brand new jewellery? The answer is simple. Pre-owned jewellery is by far the most cost effective and cheapest way to buy gold and build up your precious jewellery collection. You will find fantastic deals on the Jewellery Bee site; choose from pre-owned bracelets, chains, rings and earrings. With each item hand selected to be party of our second hand jewellery collection you will be sure to find the perfect items of jewellery for your collection.

Guide to buying second hand rings

A wide selection of second hand 9ct gold and diamond rings are available to purchase. Our rings have all been professionally and carefully restored. Each piece is handled individually by a working jeweler in Hatton Garden using the latest equipment along with traditional techniques to ensure that these rings are restored beautifully. Jewellery Bee's range of second hand 9ct gold rings gives you the chance to own the 'real deal' and expand your jewellery collection. So many items are now plated, which essentially means the items are dipped in gold, and if you ever wanted to re sell a plated item you will get a shockingly low price for your jewellery. Jewellery Bee offer you solid gold 9ct rings, nothing is ever plated. Our rings are fully UK Hallmarked, a mark of purity from the Goldsmith Assay Company. Gold rings are officially a jewellery box essential so be sure to check out our fantastic range of second hand gold rings today.

What is a UK Hallmark and why should I care?

ALL of our second hand jewellery is Fully UK Hallmarked, a mark of purity from the Goldsmith Assay Company that dates back to 1327. Each Hallmark can trace the origin of a piece of jewellery to a specific Assay Office within the UK, and the date this was sent for Hallmarking. Usually made up of four separate and distinct markings just about visible to the eye without the use of a magnifying glass! The main marking that you should look at is the number; this refers to the actual purity of the gold. Most of the items for sale on Jewellery Bee will be hallmarked with the number '375', in its most complicated explanation this means that 375 parts per 1000 in this one item are pure gold, or more simply put, 375 means 9CT GOLD. You may also see the marking '750' this denotes 18ct GOLD. For an item to be officially UK Hallmarked the following four markings must be displayed:

  • 1. Who Originally Made the Item
  • 2. The Purity of Fine Gold
  • 3. The Assay Office Mark
  • 4. The Date Letter

Be sure to check your hallmarks and see what history can be uncovered from your pre-owned gold jewellery brought through Jewellery Bee.

Guide to buying Vintage jewellery

What is vintage jewellery? In our generation of retro vibes, and vintage feels Jewellery Bee is so proud to bring to light a range of fantastic, authentic and genuine vintage gold jewellery. Our beloved jewellery industry is one of the oldest in the world, and throughout history gold jewellery especially has been cherished and passed down through generations. The durability of gold, especially 9ct gold jewellery means that the condition of these pieces is unbelievable. We do restore all our pieces, we use some of Hatton Garden's leading working jewelers to ensure that each piece has the care and attention it needs. Our vintage range has been tendered to by loving hands and is brought to you with pride and care by Jewellery Bee.

As mentioned in our Gold Hallmarking section the UK Hallmark dates back to 1327, we have seen rings that date back to the Victorian era, still in stunning condition and with designs that can't be matched. Of course vintage rings and retro styles have been the basis for many modern designs, so we do offer a totally eclectic range of vintage gold jewellery; we hope you enjoy browsing our vintage range.

Where should you buy second hand jewellery?

Whenever purchasing gold, whether it is from a high street shop or an online store, you should always make sure that you are buying from a genuine and reputable company. It is especially important when purchasing jewellery online that the site provides good quality and accurate images of their stock. On our Jewellery Bee site you will notice that we try and take up to 3 images of each item so that you can get a really good idea of what the item looks like. It is also important to appreciate the value of an item being 'Fully UK Hallmarked'. As a customer, this is your guarantee of the precious metal content of what you are buying. On Jewellery Bee you will see that on each of our Fully Hallmarked items are clearly stated in our product description allowing you to buy second hand jewellery with 100% customer confidence.

With Love, Jewellery Bee Team

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Our Guarantees

Each ring in our Jewellery Bee collection is hand polished to perfection ensuring that the items is free from any scratches and arrives to you in an almost brand-new condition. Our work shop in Hatton Garden is known for its attention to detail and here you will find each ring, earrings, chain or pendent is re-furbished to the highest of standards. Each item in our Jewellery Bee collection is guaranteed to be shiny, sparkly and the loveliest of qualities.

We want you to feel confident about buying second-hand gold jewellery at Jewellery Bee so we provide the following guarantees:


This hallmark provides you a worldwide accepted guarantee of the carat of your item.


Everything is photographed in HD for you so you can get the clearest view of our stock.


If you are not totally happy with an item, return it within 28 days for a refund or exchange.


Gram for gram you won't find a better priced product than here at Jewellery Bee.